Recommendation for handling and storage


When handling drums, reasonable precautions should be taken to avoid damage to the cable and injury to people. Due regard should be paid to the mass of the drum, the method and direction of rolling and the method of lifting.


Cable drums should be stored so that the drum flanges do not contact cable on another drum.

Cables stored at temperatures which are below those recommended for installation conditions should not be subjected to any mechanical stress, including shocks, impact, bending and torsion. If cables are not fully protected (with battens or plastic foils for example), store should be in a protected area and not weather-beaten. The cable end should be sealed to prevent ingress of moisture during transport and storage.


To unwind cables during installation, please refer to following pictures.

Battens, where applied, should not be removed from drums until the cables are to be installed. Care should be taken to avoid injury with nails when removing battens.

To remove possible plastic foil on cable, do not use sharp tools that could damage cable jacket.


Some measuring instruments use laser sources. Laser radiations might seriously impair the sight.

Do not put the “free head” of the cable in the eyes.