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Cavicel’s oil & gas cables are a guarantee of reliability and safety: fully able to provide the highest performances under the most critical conditions, are the best and most efficient solution for the oil & gas industry

When it comes to oil & gas applications, safety and reliability are crucial elements for the correct operation of the plant and the safeguarding of the workers.
Due to the harsh operational conditions, oil & gas plants are constantly subjected to destructive elements including extreme temperatures, chemical exposure, drilling muds, corrosive oils and gases, humidity, UV rays, high pressure, interferences, and a high risk of fire and explosions.

Cavicel’s cables for the Oil & Gas industry, designed to resist the constant exposure to corrosive substances, are the best reliable choice: with over 50 years’ experience operating in the Oil & Gas field, Cavicel delivers the best reliable, high-performance and efficient solutions.

Cavicel’s cables for the oil & gas industry are manufactured and tested in compliance with main international standards, like EN, IEC, BS, and customer specifications (e.g. SHELL, ADNOC, QP, KOC, KNPC, … ).

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