Data transition and power in one solution

With over 50 years of experience in the production and design of special cables, Cavicel offers a variety of hybrid cables, able to meet any specific need

Cavicel’s hybrid copper-fiber cables are the perfect combination that couple electric power and fiber benefits in one single solution, able to fit every application where both optical fiber and copper wire are required.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, Cavicel’s hybrid copper-fiber cables enable to deliver different types of signals over long distances, where standard cables would be impractical and unsuitable.

Cavicel offers you its expertise in the design and production of the most comfortable, reliable, and cheapest hybrid solution.


Copper elements
ConductorsPlain or tinned annealed electrolytic copper wire according to IEC 60228
InsulationXLPE, PE, PVC or LSZH compound, mica tape/XLPE for fire resistant applications.
CablingConductors can be twisted in pairs or in concentric
Screen option: aluminium/polyester tape, copper/polyester tape or copper braid
Fibre Optic Elements
FibresSinglemode or multimode fibres
Loose constructionJelly filled loose tubes containing 1/24 fibres, mica tape wrapped when fire resistance is required
Tight constructionTight buffered fibres
Additional elements
Armour– SWA Steel Wire Armour
– GSWB Galvanized Steel Wire Braid
– CSTA Corrugated Steel Tape Armour
– GSTA Galvanized Steel Tape Armour
Strength elements
SheathPVC, PU or LSZH thermoplastic material

*Available on request other special materials or construction solution.


EN 50288-7Electric Cables for Instrumentation and Control Systems – 300/500 V
IEC 60502-1Electric Cables for Power Systems – 0.6/1 kV

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