Fire resistant cables

Cavicel has specialized its production in the development of fire-resistant cables, starting the renowned FIRECEL brand

FIRECEL cables are designed to ensure the correct operation of emergency systems in public buildings, and they are realized with high-quality materials, studied to prevent the spread of fire and the emission of toxic fumes on combustion.

In order to simulate their real performances, FIRECEL cables are constantly tested and subjected to high-temperature flames (up to 950°C), to mechanical shocks, and performed under the action of water.

Firecel performance test

FIRECEL cables include a wide range of fire-resistant cables and are manufactured in accordance with international standards:

BS 7629-1Multicore Screened Electric Cables – 300/500 V – LSZH Fire Resistant
BS 7846Multicore Screened Armoured Electric Cables – 0.6/1 kV – LSZH Fire Resistant
BS 7211Electric Cables – 450/750 V – LSZH Fire Resistant
BS 8592Singlecore Electric Cables – 450/750 V – LSZH Fire Resistant
IEC 61156Symmetrical Pair/Quad Cables for Digital Communications
CEI 20-105Electric Cables – 100/100 V – LSZH Fire Resistant

When it comes to protecting people and properties, the choice of the right cable is essential; be wise and choose FIRECEL, the lasting cable.





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