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Cavicel provides a wide range of gas-tight cables suitable for all the application where the risk of explosion is high

Where the risk of explosion is high, gas-tight cables are essential to prevent the propagation of gases and to keep the plant and the operators working on it safe.

Cavicel’s gas-tight cables, fundamental for oil & gas plants, refineries and gas distributions plants, are designed to prevent the propagation of gases and they are fully in compliance with the IEC 60079 -14 norm.

Even though the ATEX environments are regulated by the IEC 60079 norms, most cables are unable to fulfil the standard requirements. This, because of cables lack of compactness: the spaces between cores and fillers allow combustible gases to flow in and to spread inside the connected components, endangering the plant and the operators’ lives.

Cavicel’s gas-tight cables are carefully type-tested according to IEC 60079-14 ANNEX E norm regulations: our equipped laboratory allows in-house testing solutions and the issuing of test report certificates.

Be safe and choose Cavicel’s gas-tight cables.


ConductorPlain or tinned, solid or stranded copper. Special alloy for thermocouple cables
InsulationPVC, PE, XLPE.
ScreenIndividual or overall, aluminium tape or copper wire braid
Sheath– PVC or M1-LSZH
– Protection from moisture and corrosivity
– Lead sheath as protection from chemical agents
– Oil resistant sheaths, hydrocarbon resistant, solvents resistant
– Mud resistant sheaths
– Hi-pack protection against corrosion and moisture as alternative to the sheath


BS-EN 50288-7Electric Cables for Instrumentation and Control Systems – 300/500 V
IEC 60502-1Electric Cables for Power Systems – 0.6/1 kV
IEC 60092-376Electric Cables for Instrumentation and Control Offshore Systems – 150/250 V (300 V)
IEC 60092-353Electric Cables for Power Offshore Systems – 0.6/1 kV


Fire resistance properties
IEC 60331-21Fire Test for Electric Cables  (≤ 0.6/1 kV)
IEC 60331-23Fire Test for Electric Data Cables (110V)
BS-EN 50200Fire Test with Mechanical Shocks (≤ 0.6/1 kV)
BS-EN 50200 Annex EFire Test with Mechanical Shocks and Water Spray (≤ 0.6/1 kV)
BS 8434-2Fire Test with Mechanical Shocks and Water Spray (≤ 0.6/1 kV)
BS 6387 C-W-ZFire Tests with Mechanical Shocks and Water Spray (≤ 0.6/1 kV)
CEI 20-36Fire Test for Circuit Integrity (≤ 0.6/1 kV)
Fire propagation properties
IEC 60332-3Fire Propagation Test on Bunched Cables
IEC 60332-1Flame Propagation Test on a Single Cable
Gas/Smoke properties
IEC 60754-1Acid Gas Emission Test
IEC 60754-2Gas Corrosivity Test
IEC 61034-2Smoke Density Test
Reaction to Fire (CPR)
EN 50575Cable for general applications in construction works
EN 13501-6Classification using data from reaction to fire on electrical cables





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