Instrumentation Cables

Cavicel provides a wide range of Instrumentation cables, suitable for a large variety of applications, in particular where the production processes are controlled by electronic means

Instrumentation cables, suitable for heavy industries such as oil & gas (onshore and offshore), chemical & petrochemical, iron & steel industries, and power plants, are designed to maintain signal integrity where process control is required.

Cavicel boasts over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing custom instrumentation hermocouple, control, and power cables, in accordance with international standards and specific requirements.

Cavicel’s instrumentation cables are the most reliable and safest solutions you are looking for!


ConductorPlain or tinned, solid or stranded copper. Special alloy for thermocouple cables
InsulationPVC, PE, XLPE, EPR, Silicone Rubber, Mica+XLPE, LSZH.
ScreenIndividual or overall, aluminium tape, copper tape or copper wire braid
Sheath– PVC, HDPE,  or LSZH
– Protection from moisture and corrosivity
– Lead sheath as protection from chemical agents
– Oil resistant sheaths, hydrocarbon resistant, solvents resistant
– Mud resistant sheaths
– Hi-pack protection against corrosion and moisture as alternative to the sheath
*Available more constructions on request


EN 50288-7Electric Cables for Instrumentation and Control Systems – 300/500 V
IEC 60502-1Electric Cables for Power Systems – 0.6/1 kV
IEC 60092-376Electric Cables for Instrumentation and Control Offshore Systems – 150/250 V
(300 V)
IEC 60092-353Electric Cables for Power Offshore Systems – 0.6/1 kV
PAS 5308-1 and PAS 5308-2 (ex BS 5308)Electric Cables for Instrumentation and Control Systems – 300/500 V





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