Cables for Railway applications

Cavicel provides a wide range of special cables for railway applications in accordance with international standards and special requirements

The railway industry is constantly growing, and the demand of railway technologies is steadily increasing. More and more communities are investing in the railway sector in order to keep the territory linked in terms of mobility and sustainability. 

When it comes to transportation of people and goods, investing in high quality and reliable products becomes essential in order to grant the highest level of safety to everyone benefitting the service.

Over the years, Cavicel has developed a large variety of reliable railway solutions, suitable for railway application and every special requirement.

Cavicel’s wide range of solutions for the railway sector include:

  • Fiber optics for railway applications

Thanks to fiber optics efficiency and speed in transmitting large amounts of information, these cables are the perfect solution for traffic monitoring, video surveillance, audio and data transmissions. Available also in their fire-resistant version, Cavicel’s fiber optic cables allow the system operation even during fires, limiting the spread of corrosive and toxic smoke and gas emissions (designed and manufactured in accordance with IEC 60331-25, EN 50200, NF-C-32-072 CR1 – C1, BS 6387 CWZ, IEC 60332, IEC 60754-1/2, IEC 61034-2).

  • Special cables for fire detection (HDC – Heat Detector Cables)

In areas where the detection of abnormal increases of heat is required, such as galleries, tunnels and subways, Linear Heat Detector cables are the most reliable solution to prevent fires and grant safety.

  • Signaling Cables

Electric cables, also armored, for fixed installation in signaling and safety systems with LSZH compound

Electric cables for emergency and safety systems, fire resistant, flame retardant, with LSZH compound

– Armored and not armored telecommunication cables

Flexible multicore cables, shielded and not shielded

  • Fire / Safety cables

Railway application cables are designed and developed to guarantee the operation of safety systems during critical situations, to keep the plant and the people accessing the service safe. Cavicel’s fire resistant cables (including optical cables) are designed and manufactured in accordance with IEC 60331-25, EN 50200, NF-C-32-072 CR1 – C1, BS 6387 CWZ, IEC 60332, IEC 60754-1/2, IEC 61034-2.





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