With years of experience in supplying cables for Infrastructure applications, Cavicel’s solutions play a leading role on the market: installed in more than 60 countries, Cavicel’s infrastructure cables are widely recognised for their reliability, efficiency, and as a guarantee of safety for communities and installation sites.

The industrialization processes are pushing more and more people to move to urban centres and to the consequent increasing demand for infrastructures able to meet the community needs.

Railways, bridges, tunnels, electrical grids, hospitals, skyscrapers, hotels, residential areas, and telecommunication services are the most demanded infrastructures and when it comes to reducing losses in terms of people and properties, compromises on quality are never an option.

Boasting years of experience in the design and manufacture of fire-resistant, Fiber optic, Railway, and Linear heat detection cables, Cavicel’s products are the most reliable solutions, realized with high-quality raw materials, the most advanced production processes and in accordance with international standards.

Cavicel’s cables are installed in subways, tunnels, edifices, hotels, hospitals and in many more infrastructures around the world, and they keep ensuring safety.

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