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Heat Detection Cables

The most reliable detection technology

Cavicel provides a complete range of heat detector cables, according to the requested alarm temperature, 68°C, 88°C, 105°C, and 138°C, and in line with EN 54-28

In temperature-sensitive areas, where a prompt detection of abnormal increases of heat is essential, linear heat detection systems are crucial to safeguard lives and minimize losses.

Cavicel’s Linear Heat Detector cables, designed for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, are the most reliable solution enabled to detect heat anywhere along the length of the cable.

Composed by two copper conductors individually insulated with thermosensitive polymer, Linear Heat Detector cables avail of polymer technology for the insulation melting, enabling the conductors to short-circuit and generate the alarm signal at a certain temperature. Cavicel provides four temperature alarm levels: 68 °C, 88 °C, 105 °C, and 138.



HDC-68 HDC-88 HDC-105 HDC-138
Alarm temperature68±3°C / 88±4°C /105±5°C / 138±6°C
Outer sheath colourRed / white / black / blue
ConductorsCopper covered steel wire, ø 0.95 mm
InsulationSpecial thermosensitive polymer, red and black
CablingTwisted insulated conductors
SheathExtruded thermoplastic sheath
Outer diameter4.5 mm
Weight25 kg/km
Max. ambient temperature40 °C
Voltage rating100 V d.c
Conductor resistance300 Ω/km @ 20 °C
Dietectric test500 V ac x 1’
Water and oil sheath resistancegood
Flame propagationIEC 60332-1/VW1/FT1
Fire reaction CPREca – EN 13501-6
RoHS II2011/65/EU


UNI-EN 54-28Non-resettable line-type Heat Detectors


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