Organisational and Management models (Legislative Decree 231/2001)

Cavicel has adopted a management and control system for its processes to protect the Company from any irregularities in the management of its activities (MOG – Organizational Management and Control Model 231).

This represents the implementation of a wide range of international acts and conventions to which our Country was in any case bound.

The implementation of the model was possible through the drafting of a manual that describes all the processes in the general parts, specific documents that regulate the management of the most sensitive processes, and new procedures that have been integrated into our Quality System.

Therefore, the model makes it possible to reduce the risk of committing criminal offenses, in our case identifiable in crimes of an environmental nature, occupational health and safety, corporate crimes and crimes against the Public Administration, and violation of privacy.

The control is carried out by a supervisory body (ODV) made up of internal and external personnel who will allow continuous monitoring of the processes and compliance with regulatory constraints.

This is a further activity that Cavicel has decided to undertake to guarantee correct behavior in the management of all activities.