Gas-Tight Cables: Be smart and choose Cavicel’s cables:

In areas in which the risk of explosion is high, gas-tight cables are essential to guarantee safety to the plant and the operators working on it. 


Cavicel’s gas-tight cables, fundamental for Oil&Gas plants, refineries and gas distributions plants, are designed to prevent the propagation of gases and they are fully in compliance with the IEC 60079 -14 norm. 


Even though the ATEX environments are regulated by the IEC 60079 norms, most cables are unable to fulfil the standard requirements. This, because of cables lack of compactness; indeed, the spaces between cores and fillers allows the combustible gases to flow in and to spread inside the connected components, endangering the plant and the operators’ lives. 


Cavicel’s gas-tight cables are carefully type-tested according to IEC 60079-14 ANNEX E norm regulations: our equipped laboratory allows in-house testing solutions and the issuing of test report certificates. 


Be safe and choose Cavicel’s gas-tight Cables. 


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