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Working in Cavicel

Quality, coherence, relationships. Our work is based on the coherence with our Values. The construction of a Quality product is a complex series of activities, starting from the precise interpretation of the customer’s request, going through the most suitable technical choice up to its production and test. Quality is not only the one expressed by the final product: we also take care of the Quality expressed by the people around its fabrication, the working environment, the behaviors as well as the personal relationships. Our strong points are knowledge, technique and experience as well as creativity, together with passion and kindness. All of them are vital for building a safe and long lasting relationship with the client. Our dynamism and flexibility therefore allow us to supply a complementary service to the big companies, in the way to always satisfy every customer’s need.

If you are interested in our field, if you want to joint us, we ask you please to send us your proposal or your CV.

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