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Protection for copper cables

In addition to mechanical protections, special protections can be considered for specific installations:

Moisture barrier

If moisture barrier is specified it shall be applied over the total cabling of elements and is possible to choose two alternatives:

Water swellable tapes
Laminated sheath, consisting of a longitudinal overlapped metallic foil, bonded to an extruded sheath.

Lead Sheath

It is applied between two other sheaths and is the best
protection against aggressive chemicals. This is an expensive solution, increases weight and bending radius. It presents poor vibration resistance and normally an armour is required to protect it from crushing.


It is an alternative to Lead Sheath and is composed by a longitudinal overlapped aluminium copolimer coated tape bonded to HDPE jacket and additional special alloy of polyamide/polypropylene sheath. 

  • Excellent protection against corrosion and humidity.
  • Excellent impact resistance that in some cases prevents the use of the armour

This protection has a lower weight compared to lead sheath, cables have a smaller diameter, with a reduction of costs.
Hi-Pack is the right choice to protect the environment.