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Optical tests

 Measurement of attenuation with OTDR
It is carried out on every fibre at each productive process phases and on the finished cable. This measurement allows to verify that the fibres in the cable have not gone through attenuation increments, either distributed or localized, during the machining phases.
 Measurement of attenuation with Power Meter
It is carried out on cable samples that are subject to tests meant to monitor the optical power variations transmitted during the test (e.g. pulling test, thermal cycle test…). This measurement allows to record the attenuation variation on one or more fibres of a cable which undergoes a certain test for a long time.
 Measurement of attenuation at thermal cycles
It is carried out on prototype cables of new design or on cable samples of standard production. The aim of this test is to simulate the cable behaviour in extreme temperature conditions. The sample undergoes cold-hot thermal cycles in a climatic chamber, where the attenuation variations on one or more fibres are monitored.