Instrumentation cables
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Instrumentation cables

Many industrial applications require cables to transmit signals from field instruments to control rooms.
The designing of the right cable demands a careful and mindful evaluation of a lot of variables either for electrical requirements and for working condition and type of installation.

Cables can have either copper conductors or special alloy for thermocouple cables.

A wide range of cables can be offered to meet all specific requirements.


  • Refineries and petrochemical platforms
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical platforms
  • Off-shore platforms
  • Power stations
  • Steelworks
  • Desalinating plants


Cables are designed and manufactured according to the following standards:

  • BS
  • IEC
  • NF
  • DIN
  • ANSI

Different standards are considered if requirements.


  • Conductor: copper red or tinned, solid or stranded. Special alloy for thermocouple cables
  • Insulation: PVC, PE, XLPE.
  • Screen: individual or overall, aluminium tape or copper wire braid
  • Sheath: PVC or M1-LSZH


  • These are protections for static or magnetic fields that can create undesired interferences.


  • Protection from crushing and cutting
  • Tensile resistance
  • Rodents and termites protections
  • Protection from electromagnetic disturbs

Special constructions

Cables can be supplied with:

  • Protection from moisture and corrosivity
  • Lead sheath as protection from chemical agents
  • Oil resistant sheaths, hydrocarbon resistant, solvents resistant
  • Mud resistant sheaths
  • Hi-pack protection against corrosion and moisture as alternative to the sheath