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Cavicel extends the range of fire resistant cables with FIRECEL MI cables.
These are Mineral Insulated Copper Cables as described in BS EN 60702-1:2
Compared to soft skin cables, they show unique resistance for long time to temperature, to mechanical shocks and water. The cable can be bent also after a fire, it can withstand further impacts and water immersions.
The disadvantages, compared to soft skin cables, are the installation, that requires much more time, the seals and the connection process, which require specific tools and care for mineral oxide humidity absorption, and higher cost of cable.
The cables are approved by LPCB-BRE – UK with certificates n.217h/01, 02, 03.
You can download our catalogue 112/1 – FIRECEL MI Mineral Insulated Copper Cables or you can contact our offices for more information or samples.

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