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Home » News » FIRECEL a Cavicel Brand Since 1982

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FIRECEL a Cavicel Brand Since 1982

Since over 40 years, Cavicel is specialized in designing and manufacturing fire resistant cables.

In 1982, FIRECEL Brand has been registered and now it is known and appreciated in more than 40 countries.

In 1983, Cavicel registered the first patent for an advanced fire resistant cable and it has expanded research and development of new products.

In 1999, a new patent was registered. It was about a fire resistant fibre optic cable, extending this feature also in fibre optic products.

Italian technology, Italian production, Italian quality: this is what we always want to maintain and defend.

Take care of your choice: choose the original product and the original brand.

CAVICEL and FIRECEL: Quality Made in Italy

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