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Application areas

Railways applications
• Naval applications
Defence and safety
Refineries and petrochemical plants
Power plants
Mobile applications
Fire-fighting applications


Railways applications
The constant technological evolution requires a continuous development of new types of cables for this field of application. Cavicel supplies to its customers in the railways sector signal and control cables, normally flame retardant, low toxicity and smoke emission and optical fiber cables.
Cables are manufactured according to the standards currently defined and with ad hoc design according to specific requirements.

Naval applications
We offer for this sector a wide range of cables suitable to serve all the systems on board. The safety problem is of primary importance on ships and for this reason we manufacture cables having extreme safety characteristics against a possible fire.
Alike all other fields of applications, we can offer customized cables based on the specific customer’s requirements.


Defence and Safety
The critical state of this field requires extremely reliable products capable to grant the operation of land and air safety, of video surveillance systems, anti-intrusion protection, data transmission.
Cavicel cables are designed to grant the proper signal transmission in any conditions with the maximum safety.
We supply both copper and optical fibre cables, sometimes designed according to specific needs in the civil and army fields.

Refineries and petrochemical plants
In this field we offer instrumentation and control cables, even compensating ones for thermocouples. The management of a complex plant requires a variety of controls that must always be reliable and safe. Our cables grant the signal transmission reliability as well as the mechanical and environmental protection (resistance to chemicals, for instance, to atmospheric agents, to rodents, etc.)
Cavicel products are always manufactured according to the plant specifications and this has brought us to achieve a wide experience in this field and to develop a wide range of products suitable to meet any type of customer’s needs.
Optical fibre cables complete our offer for this sector.

Power plants
Cavicel produces for this sector both power cables and instrumentation and control cables.
Twin or tern cables, screened or mechanically protected to grant the required reliability.
More and more attention is paid to safety issues and, above all, to safety in case of fire to protect the people and the plant.
For this reason, we can offer a complete range of anti-flame cables, with low emission of toxic gases or opaque, without corrosive gases and often fire resistant cables, thus granting their operation even during a fire.

Off-shore platforms are equipped with built-in power, control, data transmission systems; the whole in particularly engaging environments, where safety requirements must be kept at the maximum level.
Also the cables must then comply with these operating conditions and Cavicel offers a customized service to properly meet the market’s requirements.

Mobile applications
In many applications the cables operate in dynamic conditions: they are subject to repeated movements, bendings,
torsions, windings, as in automation and robotics.
For this application we design and manufacture the cable structures in such a way that they are not damaged by those stresses. Also the materials contribute to keep the required strength for all the cable operating life.
To be sure of the supplied cables, we carry out proper tests and verifications both on the cable prototypes, to define the most reliable constructions, and on single productions, to grant the conformity of the supplied product.

Fire-fighting plants
More and more pushed requirements in terms of safety have brought to a wide use of fire resistant cables, thus granting, in case of fire, that the main services could allow the evacuation of the rooms and the protection of the people.
There are several applicable norms, depending both on the cable installation country and on the required performance degree.
It is required both a “passive” safety (non propagating fire, lack of corrosive gases and thick fumes), and an “active” safety, that is to say the capability for the cable to continue to operate.
Our offer can meet all these needs.