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Cavicel: Conducting value


People often speak about Quality, but for us Quality is not only referred to the products, but is a mixture of elements that characterize the company.
In fact, we prefer to speak about Values. Values in the relationships with people, both internally and externally, whether they are customers or suppliers; values in the behaviour, in the choices, in all our activities.
Since its establishment, Cavicel has always paid a great attention to personal relationships and also this is a value we constantly share.
It is important that everything is developed and lived coherently.
From the product to our people, from the working environment to all our activities, we would like to always express our values with the aim of reaching a serious and long-lasting growth with our customers.

Our mission is based on the following points:

  • supply the market with products recognized for their Quality, Technology and Innovation;
  • understand and anticipate market needs with products that better satisfy the performances required;
  • constantly research a spread sense of Quality in all our activities, in order to achieve a complete satisfaction for all the people involved;
  • our aim is therefore to be perceived by our customers as their best partner.