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Advance Cable Middle East 2017

The 3rd conference in the series, taking place 7 – 8 March 2017 in Dubai, will examine the markets for advanced power transmission, construction and building infrastructure, specialty and fibre optic cables and provide a detailed analysis of long-term advanced cable demand for the region.
What is new for 2017?
• Beyond surviving – how can the Middle East Cable industry reposition it’s portfolios and adapt to the slowing market?
• Transforming – developments in the Middle East utility industry
• Heating up – Cost effective fire resistance cabling solutions for construction and building wires + sophisticated cabling solutions for rolling stock and renewable energy
• Look across the globe – the impacts of ‘Brexit’, slashed investments and government contracts in the Middle East
Marco Celentano, General Manager of Cavicel Middle East Branch will discuss about: Quality control and quality assurance – Market requirements from a manufacturer point of view
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